Monday, June 01, 2009

Some progress on the emulator

I've been working on the emulator, trying to get the ArtWorks file viewer AWViewer running on an x86 computer. I finally have some progress to report!

ROLF is being viewed via VNC, and the ArtWorks StartUp file is being displayed entirely using the AWRender module, called from AWViewer.!RunImage running on ROOL's BASIC105.

The blue border is due to some debug code (clearing the area to be redrawn to blue), the title of the window is not taken from the CreateWindow request, and the green text is because the font code needs some more work. There's still a long way to go, but it's a significant step forward.

The size of the text is due to the font manager being told that the screen is 90dpi, but ArtWorks expects 180dpi (because that's what my software tells it).

There's no transparency in the image (the droplets of water should be transparent), which, I'm told, was due to the renderer not being able to get dynamic areas properly. I've fixed the dynamic areas, but now I have to work on allowing the code to redirect output to sprites.