Friday, August 14, 2009

What now?

I've not done anything on ROLF for a few weeks; I've been on holiday. Just before I left, I put the source up on SourceForge, but I didn't advertise it because I didn't have a chance to help anyone crazy enough to try to get it to work. I should have some time now, though.

The code can be accessed by the following command:

svn checkout

There are quite a few areas I'd like to tidy up and debug, but I wondered if anyone had a preference for where I should focus. Some possibilities are:

Create and upload a 25-30MB iso image for people to try out.

Continue working on getting an ARM kernel and build to run on a BeagleBoard.

Speed up the ARM emulator.

Improve the ROLF frontend to NetSurf.

Improve the ROLF frontend to MPlayer.

Get a VNC-based version of ROLF to run on a Nokia 770 (not really a practical platform, in general).