Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What's working

In the screenshot below, you can see the following:

Two NetSurf windows (without any toolbar and with the status in the title bar).

A terminal window running a modified Brandy, the BASIC interpreter, with SYS calls available. The ROOL BASIC will also run, once decompressed, on the ARM emulator, which has the advantage of an inline assembler but the disadvantage of not being released under a free licence.

A native image viewer application, displaying an ArtWorks image rendered using the AWRender module.

A movie running on MPlayer.

And, of course, the Icon Bar and Filer windows.

All of the applications need a good deal of polishing up, but I'm quite happy with the state of the ARM emulation, which is good enough to run two quite demanding pieces of software (AWRender and BASIC105), and the SWI support is easily extendable. The emulator could be faster (it takes about 10 seconds to render the ArtWorks StartUp file, where my RPC takes 3-4s), but there are several ways to achieve that.