Monday, November 05, 2007

Finally, new core code

I've just uploaded a new version of the core code to

This version supports more frame buffer formats, including the packed 24-bit RGB used by QEMU.

There is a very simple configure script, now, that you can use to configure the code to compile on X86 or ARM, and enable debug symbols, etc. (IIRC, the GTK+2 configure script is actually more lines of code than ROLF contains.)

The terminal program has been modified to keep reading from the application producing output even when waiting for a response from the Wimp (this means that you can run ROLF applications from the terminal command line without it hanging because it's filled up the buffer while it's got the lock on the Wimp).

As it stands, it's not very much, but if anyone gets it working, they'll be in a position to use the patches for Brandy, GTK and MPlayer that I intend to put up soon (meaning when they're finished, or I get prodded again). Also, I should look into patching ARM QEMU....

Update: Once you've built the code, you will need a fonts directory (included in the ISO image, or from here. Then change directory into Resources and run:

Assuming you unpacked the fonts tarball into your home directory.

Update II:
If nothing appears to happen, try Ctrl-Shift-F12 to exit and look in /tmp/boot.
If the mouse pointer doesn't move, you probably don't have read-write access to /dev/psaux.


Blogger cst7 said...

Hi Simon,

I tested the ISO image in 1024x768 on my old DELL latitude, and it worked just fine.

1280x1024 gave problems, lower resolutions seem to work.


8:35 pm, November 05, 2007  

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